Middle School Percussion Package

Why Percussion Lessons Are Important for Beginners

Develop Confidence and Control

At Pike Street Percussion Studio, we believe that lessons are an invaluable component of a solid, well-rounded music education – especially right at the start of the student’s journey!

New students taking quality lessons develop great habits from the very start. Basic essential skills that might otherwise go overlooked are emphasized, setting the new percussionist up for a lifetime of successful playing and sparing them the painstaking and potentially frustrating process of having to “unlearn” bad habits.

This is the ultimate goal of the Middle School Percussionist Lesson Package.

Most students who quit music after a short period of time do so because they feel like they do not make steady progress…
and this is almost always due to a lack a solid fundamental base.

Make Steady Progress

Music teachers and band directors recognize the above principle, which is one of the reasons why they almost always recommend private lessons.

Students with a solid fundamental base, established at the very beginning, often become excited as they continue. They begin on an ever-upward trajectory and are likely to remain there.

The solid fundamental foundation is easy to build upon, allowing students access to a wide variety of percussion skills and a high level of performance.

One casual way to put this idea is that “it’s more fun when you’re winning.”

Perks for the Parents

Additionally, many of the beginning concepts are simple enough to communicate to parents, enabling them to take an active role in the student’s initial development if they wish to.

Parents can monitor and track the student’s progress, and even assist with practice sessions with guidance from the lesson teacher.

The teacher will also provide information to the parents about sticks, mallets, instruments, and practice instruments (such as snare drum pads) that will ensure the parent gets the most value when making purchases.

A player with confidence and solid fundamental control is free to dedicate their thoughts and mental energy to the truly enjoyable and most important aspects of music performance – passion, creativity, emotion, and fun!

What You’ll Learn

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