Casual Percussion Package

Why Percussion Lessons Are Important to the Casual Musician

Why Take Casual Lessons?

Many percussionists practice and perform simply for the fun and joy of it. Such musicians may jam out at home with friends, form a band and play gigs, perform in community bands or orchestras, or any combination of these.

Casual percussionists enjoy the benefits of musical performance under little stress and have a blast while doing so. Music serves as a skilled hobby, an enjoyable pastime, and a means of creative expression.

Why, then, should they invest in private lessons at a studio like Pike Street Percussion? The answer is simple: lessons enrich the experience!

Private lessons provide insight into the nuanced aspects of playing, such as optimized posture and movement, sound quality and tone production, increased reading skills (this is especially important to those who play in a community ensemble or in musical theatre), and a variety of other skills.

Lessons typically result in confident playing and lead to a deeper insight into the music.

A player with confidence and solid fundamental control is free to dedicate his or her thoughts and mental energy to the truly enjoyable and most important aspects of music performance – passion, creativity, emotion, and fun!

A good comparison may be made to sports like golf or tennis, where private instruction is commonly sought out to ensure a great serve, backhand, drive, or putt. Capable execution of these skills simply makes the games more fun to play!

Music, like most sports, is a skilled pastime that requires practice for the best possible experience. Private lessons ensure that the practice time is goal oriented, well-spent, and as enjoyable as any other skilled hobby that a person may engage in.

At Pike Street Percussion, we will do our absolute best to ensure the casual student has the best experiences possible with his or her music. Check out the Casual Percussionist package on the Rates page for details on what topics may be covered in lessons. This package is the most customizable and can cover whatever topics you wish!