Percussion Packages

The following lesson packages are offered at Pike Street Percussion. Each description contains a general list of percussion topics covered by each package. The rate for every student is $60 per hour. Lessons are available in person to students in Gwinnett County, GA, or online internationally.

The Casual Percussion Student:

One 60-minute lesson per week.

Lessons offered to the student who wants to learn to jam, play more effectively in community and church groups, or participate in jazz or hand drum jams. Topics covered may include:

Drum Set


Effective Fills and Setups


Learning Songs by Ear (or by chart reading if the student wishes)


“Feels” (ex. swing, rock, bossa nova, samba, etc)


Playing Engaging Drum Solos


Communication with Fellow Band Members


Basic Hand Drumming Techniques and Patterns

Concert/Orchestral Percussion


Reading Music (if the student wishes)


Mallet Percussion Performance


Rudimental Drumming (Including traditional grip if the student wishes)


Timpani performance (Including ear training if the student wishes)

The Middle School Special

One 60-minute lesson per week.

Inquire about our specials for new percussionists

  • Introductory Reading and Scales
  • Grip and the Use of Hands and Arms
  • Stick and Mallet Control, Including Stick Heights
  • Introduction to Timpani, Including Ear Training
  • Powerful, Confident Rolls on All Percussion Instruments
  • Basic Drum Set Coordination
  • Rehearsal Etiquette and Communication Skills
  • Effective Practice Habits

Students will also become comfortable and confident with keeping a steady tempo and learn to effectively communicate with their music teachers during rehearsal.

 Lessons offered to advanced middle school percussion students may include the following topics:

  • Accessory Instruments (tambourine, cymbals, bass drum, etc)
  • Perfection of the Basic Snare Drum Rudiments
  • The Double-Stroke Roll
  • Performance Etiquette
  • Basic Drum Set Coordination
  • Four Mallet Keyboard Percussion Performance

Parents also benefit from the Middle School Special! As a Pike Street Parent, you will gain the following:

Knowledge of sticks, mallets, and equipment – a real money saver!

Knowledge of effective practice habits – you can help your son or daughter implement their practice plan.

The Competitive Percussion Student

One 60-minute lesson per week

Lessons are designed to prepare the percussion student for high-profile auditions and performances, including auditions for high-performance ensembles such as the All-State Band and The Atlanta Youth Wind Symphony, college, drum corps, indoor percussion, and summer festivals such as Eastern Music Festival, Aspen, Brevard, and  Interlochen.

Students selecting this package will gain confident control of their playing, providing them a competitive edge in musical engagements such as performance in musicals, establishing their own bands, performing at solo and ensemble events, and applying for leadership or chair positions in their band programs.

Topics covered include comprehensive fundamental training in the following aspects of percussion performance:

  • Concert and Marching Style Snare Drum, Including Traditional Grip
  • Keyboard Percussion, Including Four Mallet Performance and Sight Reading
  • Timpani, Including Roll Development, Tuning, an Authoritative Quality of Sound, Interpretation of Parts, and Mallet Maintenance
  • Drum Set, Including Preparation for Student Ensembles, Professional Gigs, and Musical Theatre
  • Accessory Instruments (tambourine, cymbals, bass drum, etc)
  • Orchestral Excerpts


I picked up my first pair of drumsticks in 5th grade. That was in 1966 and a lot of sticks ago. I have played in many groups over those years including concert band, street band, dance band, big band, praise band, musical theatre, and even Dixieland. The one thing I have learned is that you can always improve. One of the best ways to improve is to study with a good teacher who is able to help you in the path you have chosen. For the past year Justin Iadonisi of Pike Street Percussion has been that teacher for me.  I was looking for timpani instruction, but also have spent time on drum set, rudimental snare and grip development, various hand drums, keyboard mallets and auxiliary percussion. In addition, he has helped me develop effective practice habits. His studio is well equipped and is a great place to explore percussion.

-T.G., Lawrenceville, GA

My son has taken lessons from Justin Iadonisi at Pike Street Percussion for about 6 years. Over this time frame, Justin has helped my son get into District Honor Band and Atlanta Youth Wind Symphony. My son has been in the Tenor section of the drumline for three years and was a section Leader for two years at Brookwood High School. He has also been in the symphonic winds at Brookwood High School for three years. He has played with the Jazz combo and jazz band at Brookwood since sophomore year. Justin Iadonisi and Pike Street have been crucial in helping my son get these achievements.

-M.M., Lawrenceville, GA