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Lesson Details

PSP offers the following lesson packages:

The Casual Percussion Student

Lessons offered to students of all ages who want to learn to jam! Topics covered include basic drum set coordination, effective fills, learning songs by ear (or by chart reading, if the student wishes), playing engaging drum solos, communication with fellow band members, and reading music (if the student wishes).

Hand drumming, mallet playing, rudimental drumming for drumline, and timpani performance may also be included at the request of the student. One hour-long lesson per week.

The Middle School Special:

Topics covered include timpani and accessory performance, perfection of the basic rudiments, the concert and double-stroke rolls, effective reading on the mallet instruments, rehearsal etiquette, and performance etiquette. Additionally, introductory drum set training will be included.
Ask about our 6th grade special!

The Competitive Percussion Student:

Topics covered include comprehensive fundamental training in concert and marching style snare drum, mallet percussion, timpani, drum set, and the accessory instruments. Lessons are designed to prepare the student for high-profile auditions and performances, including auditions for All-State, college, drum corps, indoor percussion, and festivals such as Atlanta Youth Wind Symphony, JanFest, MidFest, Eastern Music Festival, Interlochen, Brevard, and etc. Students will acquire the skills and intuition to perform confidently on any major percussion instrument under any circumstance, from the public jazz jam or drum circle to the final round of a competitive audition.

“A player with confidence and solid fundamental control is free to dedicate his or her thoughts and mental energy to the truly enjoyable and most important aspects of music performance – passion, creativity, emotion, and fun! “

– Justin Iadonisi

Meet the Instructor

Justin Iadonisi is a percussionist and teacher. He is the owner of Pike Street Percussion, a private lesson studio in Lawrenceville, GA. Mr. Iadonisi provides percussion services to numerous school music programs, including masterclasses, consultations, and instrument maintenance. He maintains a regular performance schedule, primarily playing in musical theatre productions, rock bands, and symphony orchestras. He is also the adjunct instructor of percussion at Clark Atlanta University. 

Mr. Iadonisi’s goal with all students is the confident control of common percussion instruments, including snare drum, timpani, mallets, accessory instruments (the so-called “toys”), and drum set. A player with confidence and solid fundamental control is free to dedicate his or her thoughts and mental energy to the truly enjoyable and most important aspects of music performance – passion, creativity, emotion, and fun! Students at PSP receive skills that prepare them for successful auditions at GMEA All-State, summer music festivals, Drum Corps, Indoor Percussion, and college. Students also gain the skills to simply play for fun, whether learning a favorite piece of music on a mallet instrument or learning their favorite songs on the drum set.

Mr. Iadonisi holds a Master of Arts in Music degree from the University of Central Florida and is in ABD status at the University of Georgia. His principal teachers include Timothy Adams, Jr., Jeff Moore, Kirk Gay, Thad Anderson, Iain Moyer, and Mitch Markovich.


Justin Iadonisi came to us in period of need – we needed a good percussion teacher to guide our students after the loss of a long-term instructor.  He rearranged his busy teaching schedule to give us teaching time.  Mr. Iadonisi guided our percussion students with wit, grace, and expertise.  He took his time to get to know each of our players, their strengths and weaknesses, and planned lessons and performance music to encourage growth and understanding.  He was available by phone, email, and digital meeting if the students had questions outside of their assigned lesson times.  As a teacher, he is strong in each of the percussion groups – mallets, tympani, snare, and toys – and designed lessons to bring growth in each player.  I would encourage any serious percussion student to consider studying with Justin Iadonisi.  They will learn and enjoy the process!

-K.G., Cleveland, GA

His desire to express himself through his instrument lead Justin towards a passion to communicate his process through a teaching philosophy that focuses on each student’s deeper understanding of themselves through music, which I thought was brilliant! Justin is a refined, sensitive, and creative performer. His work ethic is unparalleled in turns of getting to the bottom of the music. I often marveled at his ability to speak clearly from an honest place without making anyone feel uncomfortable. Most importantly, he is for real!

-T.K.A., Athens, GA

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Pike Street Percussion

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Justin Iadonisi, Owner and Teacher
Phone: 772-418-3714
Email: pikestreetpercussion@gmail.com
Address: 1003 Hi Hope Rd, Lawrenceville, GA 30043

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